What to do when someone pisses you off so badly


Hello, Some people I know are pissing me off so much that I’ve started grinding me teeth to a point where I’ve chipped it, and pulled out so much hair that I have a bald spot now.
They piss me off so much, how do I cope with these assholes

asked October 6, 2015

5 Answers

When someone really pisses you off then just leave them and move on. If you can't then you have to ask yourself why. And you have to reason with your mind to what is the need to hold on to something that you don't want to. Move on!
Don't give a shit. Look , if you actually LISTEN and pay attention to what they say, it's YOU who get's mad and sick inside, it's not them. You are making yourself suffering by caring. In life we can't allow ourselves to be that sensitive or we will regret it later
Don't let anyone else determine your moods. Remember the 3 F's. If they aren't feeding you, ****ing you, or financing you, they don't matter.
They're making you angry to get a reaction out of you. They are not worth it. Don't give them the satisfaction of knowing they've done it.
Punch first, Punch hard and punch fastfists are better than talking, and the next time they see you, they wont think twice to get out of your way