What to do if a venter is trolling?


What should I do if I’m listening and it seems like the venter is trolling? I want to give everybody the benefit of the doubt, and avoid insulting anyone if they aren’t, but still…

Tags: asked July 6, 2014

7 Answers

The times where it start to seem to silly, I excuse myself and leave.
Remember to report the insulting kind, in order to contribute to the number of complaints required for a ban.
This is so me.
I mean, i seriously seriously get you. I have been there.
I guess, there comes a time when the discussion/ problem seems a bit too made up and too "silly", but the listener gets an idea eventually. Ask them to elaborate, if they keep on giving lame excuses and cant actually tell u how it feels to be in that situation, you ll get an idea they are pretending.
In that case, disconnect simply
Report and move on. Don't feed the trolls.
Well, one person just posted a religious argument and didn't write anything else. I think I waited a few minutes. Another person said they just almost killed their wife, they were in a pentagram, but didn't want to call the hospital because they were too close to god. A third person started insulting me as soon as the chat opened up, but I disconnected from that one pretty quick.
If A venter is trolling... it is not good, but I am going to suggest, take it as an opportunity, practice on it. Well, since we never knew if it was serious or not, but if the trolling is obvious, give him a final advise and then greet him a goodbye, thats it...
Don't sink down to there level, they're trying to get a rise out of people and are taking up time you could be spending helping out someone who actually needs it. Simply disconnect, and report them.
What makes you think they're trolling? Just out of curiosity. Otherwise, well you can troll them back, report them or change chat partner.