What to do about my mother who’s addicted to drugs?


My mother has been addicted to drugs for a majority of her life (since she was 16) and it has caused endless drama and anxiety for my family. The drugs obviously give her good days, but the bad days are really bad, usually with calls threatening to kill herself and occasionally asking us to help her kill herself and threats to hurt us and/or our possessions. It’s gone on too long (I’m nearing 20 years old) and I’m tired of dealing with it and know my family is too. She’s currently in a mental health facility because I don’t think they realize it’s the drugs that are making her act irrationally rather than a true mental illness, and I’m wondering when the best time to confront her is, or if I should at all. Originally, we thought she was done with drugs, but when we went to her place to feed her animals we found obvious evidence of drug use, and I think we need to confront it instead of just cleaning it up and brushing it under the rug like we always do. What do you all think I should do?

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First of all, the question that you should be asking is "What can you do?" The first part of recovery should always be admitting that you have a problem that you cannot control by yourself. This means that she needs helpers, which you can provide your services for. But by cleaning and brushing it under the rug doesn't prove she's admitting the problem that she has with drug abuse. You need to confront her with other family members and have a sit down with her (Known as an intervention). You need to tell her that her addiction is not only affecting her life, yet your life aswell (Let yourself and family members be heard first, let her respond after). Let her make her own decision yet don't help her if she refuses, and inform the police if she makes any more threats to kill herself or anyone else. If she can't help herself, and you cannot force her too but the police can help her get into a hospital where she can go into a program for drug abuses. That's when you support her, you can even try that now while she's already in the mental facility. A lot of mental patients under go mental assessments first before going into a rehabilitation program so you're already helping her out. Yet you can't keep going on like this and you certainly can't let her neither. So take my advice and make her recovery possible. You are her daughter and this is a responsibility that she cannot thank you enough for. Thank you for reading this. If you need anymore help or support. You can always message me on Blah therapy.