What to do about my anxiety/ anger problems?


Usually for my anxiety, I take an anti-depressant. But lately I haven’t been taking it because the doctor that I had moved and was let off. I have been working hard at not snapping at my family, being angry, and just being anxious. When I don’t take my anti-depressant, I get to points where I would explode and have a anxiety/ anger/emotional episode. Well today, I got to a point where I almost exploded or had an episode. So I had to excuse myself so that I wouldn’t get more anxious or angry. Normally, my family wouldn’t let me excuse myself from the situation and I can’t really excuse myself at work either. What do I do about this problem? Should I just bite the bullet and go to one of the doctors that don’t have a good rep? Or should I do something else? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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1 Answer

Is there any way you could get the prescription from another doctor? I'm able to get mine whether my doctor's in or not, because I simply call the office and they have it refilled. Is there another doctor at the same office? That might make it an easy transfer. It might even be worth one of the less reputable doctors just to get the medication, even if it's just long enough to slowly "wean off" it, which is how you're supposed to stop that kind of med, rather than suddenly. It's really not good to stop taking anti-depressants cold turkey!