What to do about a fake friend


I have this friend. we’ve been friends since 5th grade, and this year we’ve started high school, and we go to the same school. During the middle of 8th grade, my friend (Christina), these two other girls, and I kinda formed this clique or group just because were all so close, the other two girls go to different high schools but I still love them to death and the four of us get together very often and have remained really close. So I’ve never been a huge fan of Christina. it’s always been a competitive between her and me to be better than each other in a social sense and it’s escalated since high schools started. I sound harsh but it’s completely true when I say she’s the most fake person I’ve ever known, but only me and the two other girls in the group I mentioned before notice, but we can’t call her out or drop her from to group because it just wouldn’t work and we’ve realIzed that and accepted it, but the thing is I still have to deal with her on a daily basis. I can’t just start ignoring her either because the whole school thinks were best friends and if I started ignoring her people would notice and she would pull the innocent making me look like the bad guy. she also lies to me all the time for all the wrong reason. she tells me these small lies that she knows will give me false hope, but when brought up they’re easy to be ignored or excused. she just so fake and a terrible I can’t just sit back and let it happen. I just don’t know what to do anymore please help?

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3 Answers

First of all, a fake friend is not someone you need in your life. Try to slowly distance yourself from her as much as possible, don't try to retaliate by doing the same thing back at her, don't sink down to her level. Maybe try socialize with some new people, adding in more individuals to the group and lessen the chance of spending to much time with her.

Also, accept her for who she is and what your relationship really is like. Don't let her mess with your head. Stand tall and be awesome.
Friends come and go. Shouldn't worry about what other people thinks. If that's how u truly feel and so do the others I'd slowly but surely start hangin with different cliques. It's good to have many different friend rather than staying with one group. Try it out might feel bad in the begining but the world goes on and it will be less stressful. If u surround urself with negative people u can't get a positive result. U guys will figure it out in time-*maybe she went through something in her life earlier that is causing her to lie too...she might just like the attention as well.
If it's a fake friend, who even call them a a friend? Find real friends, and stick with them instead of allowing people like this to create misery in your life.