What the hell do I do?


I’m very indecisive and fickle and I constantly change my mind about everything.
I never stick to one thing and quit almost everything I start.
I’ve started so many courses and tried so many jobs and I still can’t decide what I want to do with my life.
I know everyone always says “you’re only 22! you have ages to work it out!” But, I feel like I keep wasting my time and it’s frustrating!
At the moment I’m studying to become a kindergarten teacher, which is great, but lately I’ve been thinking maybe I should’ve gone into Art and Design, seeing as that’s my passion.
So far I’ve studied counselling, childcare, business, and now education. I’ve worked in a newspaper (I wanted to be a journalist once), a magazine, in kindergartens, in cafes, I’ve looked at quitting everything and being a freelance artist.
I just cannot make up my mind about anything.

Category: Tags: asked February 26, 2014

2 Answers

The teaching suggestion is a great one! I highly encourage people to see if their school offers a career counselor, too. There are so many proven tests out there, and there are professionals who's job purpose is to help you find the job that you will most love. Utilize the resources that your school offers!
Thank you.Surprisingly, this actually made me feel better, haha.I guess I use my "art" as a safety blanket, and every time I want to quit something I think, "fuck it! I'm becoming a poorly paid artist!" I think the idea of just being free and not having responsibility and just painting all day seems so damn tempting, haha.