What should I think?


Okay so this is going to be kind of long so be prepare for a read.

So College has been out for 3 months now and 2 months in to the summer months my work place goes belly up so I pick up a job at an Aluminum Factory working the graveyard shift. Anyways first day of training got me and this one guy and we become good friends right off the bat, than of course in any situation there is a snag. In comes the most beautiful red head “Fake color” I mean turning heads any where she goes beautiful.

Now I had recently had a oh so wonderful experience with the captain of the college track team only a month earlier so I told myself that I was staying as far as I could away.

So anytime she engaged me in conversation I would be sarcastic as hell always making fun and joking but at the same time stone walling her. So three days of training done me and the other guy get moved to another department and shift so there makes life easier. That goes on for about a week and I have forgotten about here so no big deal, than like any thing in life another wrench in the machine. Some people quit so me and my friend get moved to different departments again to the graveyard shift again.

And low and behold I get shoved into the same department as the red head. First shift together I see how things are when she is around, anywhere in the plant we go all the guys want to talk to her and when I am yacking with someone she always comes up. This entire time I am going “oh brother” as I thought she was good looking I wasn’t interested.

Anyway we were loading up a load of aluminum and well things just weren’t going our way and by the time our shift was coming to a close we were just beat so sarcastically I told her we should go for a beer after this. Which she agreed to so I figured what the hell so we went to a pub near my place and had a beer and talked for an hour.

Now at this time I still thought it was no big deal and back to work we go. And we are joking back and forth every day, even to the point where I said I would (jokingly) chloroform her next time and take her back to my place, which she thought was hilarious and became our little inside joke. Anyways…..

Friday rolls around and we are working our last shift of the week and I want to go out and do something because all i have done is work a 40 hour week. So I ask her if she wants to go for a beer again at a different place because now I find her a nice person to talk to and I am not interested in partying that night as I am still dog tired. SO she says ya but that she feels disgusting and needs a shower, so I figure sure so I get cleaned up not thinking anything of it and about an hour later we are at this other pub. And of course for some reason she gets dressed up and hair all done.

So we eat some food don’t really drink and I pay for all of it just because I felt like it and we are kind of just sitting there and its 1 in the morning and she looks at me and says sarcastically “what next?” so of course I wasn’t even thinking so I retort back “oh you know I was thinking my place” And I was totally being sarcastic not even meaning because come on who says that and it actually happens?? Well guess apparently it sometimes happens because she says okay sure. This is about the point when something in my mind clicks going “oh shit oh shit what am I doing” but as we are walking out of the bar I figure I better ask again just to make sure she just ain’t playing. But she says ya unless I wanna come back to her hotel room. And as I knew that my room was still sorta of a mess and it would probably be safer if she didn’t know where I lived just yet I figured sure.

So we head to her hotel and when we get there we lay down on the bed which I am figuring that if I just play it safe that we will just talk and I can leave because I really don’t want any more mind games no matter how beautiful she is.

So we start watching a movie on the tv and talking about movies and actors and what she likes to watch so all is good. Than she kind of gets close and keeps looking at me. At this point I’m propped up and she is laying flat and I am looking at her. Than i have no idea what the hell came over me but I looked down at her and said “I’m sorry” which she of course looks up at me and says for what and I go in an kiss her.

Now I won’t go into huge detail but this is kind of that huge turning point so i will kind of give you an understanding. I kissed her at 1:30 A.M. and we didn’t stop kissing till 11:25 when her family and mine both started wondering where we were. So that was freaking 5 minutes short of a 10 hour session and I am not joking at all we didn’t sleep at all and it was one of the most wonderful nights I have had and she had a great night to like it was almost impossible to leave her room and we almost couldn’t let each other go.

So ya I let it go way to far for the second time out, now that was exactly a week ago and we have worked together and she flirts at work now but not enough to let anyone else know and I haven’t said anything. Anyway so I finally had to find out what she thought about you know “us” So two nights ago I invite her over to my house and we talk for two hours and she tells me she is scared of a relationship (Welcome to my life I’m scared out of my mind of relationships) and she doesn’t really know what she wants. She said she also didn’t mean for it to go that far on that night but in her words “I am fun to be around and really cute”. She even tried to the pull the age card because we are 3 years apart her being older. However she said we should try to hang out for a month and see how that goes but she says its complicated. Complicated in the way that we flirt oh ya and we kiss now…

So ya phew that was good to get out sorry for that long story. I mean I am pretty easy going and very patient so I am in no rush. So I have no problem waiting around and just hanging out but like am I being played? Is there things I should watch out for? She told me she wasn’t playing with me and I wasn’t just a toy but I have been slammed to many times not to be cautious but I don’t want that governing my thoughts always on edge. So ya am I right to be cautious? And how do I get over being cautious because of the bad experiences I have had?

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well, it sounds like you should be cautious, because a girl that beautiful , who can have any guy she wants, it's my guess she is going to " see what everybody has to offer " before she actually gets serious about anyone. Any why must you be so serious yourself? Anywho, if this is the case then i believe your best bet tovwin this girl over may be to be the guy who unlike anyone else. Make her laugh, (with you, not at you ) keep some mystery to keep her interest... Maybe shes not toying with you but rather she is just seeing if what you have to offer her is what she really wants. Maybe she jst really likes you .