What should I do: to live alone and finish an architecture course or to start work?


Well, I’m 27 years old and have to take a big decision that can change my life. It won’t be easy because I failed at the last discipline to finish a course in architecture. I’m afraid that I can fail again all the time. Now, I live in my parent’s house.
After talking to my father to advice (he said I should try to study abroad but I don’t think it will work beacuse the grades I have). I see two options:
-Go back to the city where the university is, get a temporary job and finish the course. It will take 6 months.
-Go to a big city (very big city, a metropolis) to live with my boyfriend and his mother. Stop the course for a while (like 2 years) and start to work, to make my own money. Not sure if I will get a job, my boyfriend knows some oportunities nad I don’t mind to work with architecture, I just want a job.
I don’t have any friends now, just my boyfriend, my family and two lovely dogs. I want to finish the course and get a degree.
If I go to the city where the university is, I’ll probably lose the boyfriend, that has been with me for 2 years
I think I should see those things with happiness but i don’t. I get nervous, anxious and afraid of the future.
And I’m getting upset with my boyfriend about his possible reaction. We always lived far away from another, but seeing each other often, I will get sad too to have to live more time away and missing him.
Any idea about this?

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2 Answers

Before making a decision like this say to yourself,"Is he even worth it?" Ask him what he thinks as well. If you think he isn't, then you should go with the first option. If you think he is, then go with the second option. 2 years is a long time but do you really think those 2 years were worth it?
If he really wants to make the relationship work, and cares about what's best for you and supports you, he will stay with you even if you go back to school to finish your degree. Despite how much you love your boyfriend, think about what's best for you. Do you want a break from school? Are you ready to go back to school? Do you just want to get this degree over with? Is it possible to finish the degree at a different school? Always, always, always put yourself first. I've moved to different cities just to be with my boyfriend on two different occassions, and both times I wished I had been thinking more about myself and what I needed in life instead of thinking about what I wanted in the moment. However, sometimes we need to make detours to learn precious life lessons. Contemplate all the options, and go with your gut. I believe in you!