What problems do adults have with the feelings of teenagers?


I’ve been feeling kinda sad and lost lately. I’m in a trip away from home and I have nobody to talk to about it, but my parents. I can usually communicate well with other teenagers and young adults. It’s just that every time I try to talk to my parents about things I consider important, they mock me or assure me it’s not important, regardless of what I say.

Teenagers have mood swings, i get it, but if I have a problem I consider to be revelant or influential in my life, should I be able to talk to it with my parents? It seems to me that adults just can’t breing themselves to take teenagers seriously.

What do you think about it? Should I keep my nonsense to myself?

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Currently I feel myself a bit inbetween both worlds here. I can't speak for all of the population, and it's in my perspective very culturally related to what is expected of you - but - I had a big breakthrough with my mom, which I could not relate to or have a serious discussion with earlier, when I started to have a one-on-one convercation with her about questions that I made sure meant a lot to me. In essense, what I did was take time to talk about about my life situation and heavily underline what meant something of life values to me then proceed to introduce it to how I had problems in my life to her. What I feel was the "big thing" here was that I made her realize that even if she wants to view me as "her little child" I have grown up by now and, that even thou she cannot fully comprehend what my troubles was at the time, that I indeed have some struggles that I wanted to talk about, that even if she could not understand it - that I wanted to talk about it, and that I fully trust her as a parent to follow up on the old saying "I'll always be there for you". I cannot recall the convercation in its entirety but I know that an excample is always helpful so it went something like; "I haven't been sleeping well lately. There's a lot to think about these days. I feel that i haven't really been performing as well as I should.". That presented the sympthoms I've been experiencing and made her open for convercation about -why- I haven't been sleeping well etc. From there we had a lengthy discussion about current life situation and what to do next. I hope you can relate at least a bit to this and maybe find some help, if not, send me a PM here and I'll respond as I get back to it.
the problem is you want to hear the thing you like which you ill from teens and young adukts becaus they take things lightly and wouldnt care much about what yiu do in life and what willl be good or bad for you but parents always try to forsee things and they care about what you will do and what will happen after doing things like that its not mocking but caring and they are worrieed about you parents are like gods they would never want something bad about except in some extreme cases which would be so extreme that you cant even imagine but yours sound just typical caring parents who are right at there place you just need to understand them and there point of view
I think things become more or less relate-able as we age because new information is revealed and we have new experiences. Not saying that all older people are wizened by time or all young people lack experience. It's really a personal thing that's determined by your life, environment, and choices. But I think the important takeaway here is that the things that are important to us in the present are important to us in the present. They may not have mattered to us at an earlier time and they may seem trivial as we age, but feelings are grounded in the present.