What part-time jobs suits me as a youth/young adult?


I’m starting school a few weeks more and I’m wondering to get a part-time job where its manageable and also improve on developing myself and understand my ability. Seeing some of my friends working while schooling was great and tough at the same time because they will have to multitask ed between school and work. And I’m jealous when I see them having a stable job and they earn their own money and met new friends seeing them happy at work and enjoying themselves. I’ve experienced working before but only for events and stuff(all are temporary jobs).. I wanna try to get a job which is manageable and not stressful..so I could cope on my studies to and at the same time earn my own money. I like to help a lot but I don’t have the confidence to serve people when it comes to cafe jobs. I love cafe jobs , but I haventvtried it before but I’m afraid to serve people. What are other jobs that are suitable for a person like me? I’m 17 currently studying in college:) Thanks:)

Category: asked January 2, 2015

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Retail would be my first suggestion for you. It doesn't have to be serving people at the cash register, it can be stocking shelves at night or maintenance during the day. If you like cafes, you could see if any cafes are looking for any apprentice/junior/yet to be trained chefs. That way you can work in one and not deal directly with the customers. Also you could try becoming a barrister, making and serving coffee. That may involve some order-taking but that won't be your main task like if you were a waiter/tress. If push comes to shove, you can also try becoming a cook at a fast food place. They are always looking for underage people to work. You could also see if there's anything you could do at your collage, like maybe in the library or really anywhere. Have a look. That way you'd only have one location to travel to and ease the time strain a little. You can also try tutoring, and dog walking, and babysitting etc. You can plan these around your exact schedule so you're never stretched between the two. Got a big text coming up? No problem, just don't take on a job close to then. I hope this helps. x