What must one do when chasing a dream causes more pain than thoughts of abandoning it?


I can’t stay in my current job, my current lifestyle – I can feel it slowly killing me. I’ve worked harder than I ever have to get into a special school, and the thought that it will be all for nought won’t leave my head to the point where studying for the entrance test becomes a session of self pity and vicious frustration, because if I fail to get into the school, I get to stay working in a terrible job, hard pressed just to fulfill basic needs. To be brutally honest, I am not entirely sure how much longer I can take that way of life. So, my question reiterated: do you cut your loses and give up for something lesser than you had hoped (and if so, when?) Or do you cast aside compromise and settle for nothing less than your dreams?

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I think it's a choice which depends entirely upon you. At a certain point in time, you may feel like giving up. But if you do make that choice, you'll have to live with the regret of dreams not pursued, of a live that could have been. It's a tradeoff, really; and at the end, you need to ask yourself: is the choice one that you feel prepared enough to live with for the rest of your life?
If you don't pursue your dreams, you'll most likely regret it when you come to be older. Better to take a risk and fail than to not take a risk at all. At least it'll offer you some closure.
I been through times like this before. It's honestly up to you at this point. Could you settle for less and next year look back on your choice with no regrets? If you want more out of life it's going to take more drama, time, etc. Please keep me updated and message me anytime.
Hi. I'm Marnie Macauley, a counselor on Presto. Note how many people in their forties resent and regret the choices they made far too young. I deeply believe that we push too hard on making life choices while we're still battling acne:) Of course you should follow your passion. But I'm concerned about you stressing over getting into the school of your dreams. Getting It! Your Personal Strategy.1- It's not a black or white issue. Relax. Know there are many ways to pursue dreams. 2- Consider a temporary compromise. For example, there's your "day" job -- dreary, then work, even voluntarily in the field you adore. It will both test your passion -- and lead to connections and networking. 3- See what you're doing now as temporary. Develop a Plan A, B, and C ... to get where you want to go.But do get your head in the right space -- passion for life, for work. And remember, there is no one right way to get there, so do relax about exams. You'll get there ... based upon your passion and talent. Warmly Marnie Marnie Macauley, Presto counselor
You can't already be thinking that way. Be a fighter. If this is what you really want, if this is what makes your heart skip a beat, work hard for it, work as hard as you can. Cause I can garantee you that if you believe it will happen and if you work hard, you'll do it :)