What is YOUR view about the ‘American Dream’ ?


Asking for views/opinions about what defines the American Dream ; what shows that one has reached it,
(Some think its being rich, some think its having everything you ever wanted, living a “comfortable life.)
what is the American dream to You?
Is it reach-able in today’s society ?

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7 Answers

After 2 world wars and several smaller scale ones the self assumed "social elit" has learned that you cannot remove ones liberty and freedom under the threat of weapons or death. People will fight against bondage to reclaim their freedom even if they risk their life for it. However much like in the boiling frog analogy, if you equate their freedom to the amount of money they have and earn, and then slowly reduce that amount, they will fight to retain it even if they have to give up their liberties and freedom for it.
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The American dream is a lie made to convince the people that monetary wealth is the equivalent to happiness, and that you should give up everything that makes you free to achieve it. 'The American dream' is nothing more than modern day slavery.
The American Dream is dead. People used to think the American Dream was owning a house and having a family. Now the American Dream is just being able to pay the rent and eat. Right now the US is basically in the same boat as it was back in the Great Depression, we have a new prohibition where they use marijuana instead of alcohol as an excuse to jail most of the population, the Glass Stiegl Act is gone, again, the middle class is practically gone, and the top 1% own 90% of the wealth. Not to mention the health care crap, the employment rate, the minimum wage slaves, and the national debt. I'm already in Canada.
I think that the American Dream is ultimately unattainable. People would come over from Europe to have the "White picket fence" with the family and car and everything. This is living comfortably and supporting your family, however, you must remember that to achieve that status you will often have to choose between work and family. That vicious cycle makes it a cruel fantasy.
the american dream is different for everyone it depends on your outlook but for the most part everyone wants the same thing to have lots of money and no problems to be happy without a care in the world and live that way the rest of your life thats the american dream i dont know if many people actually get there though even with hard work, thats why its a dream
I feel like collective minds are the new American dream.... build a team.