What is your opinion? What do you think of his actions?


So long story short today I got into a fight with the guy that I referred as Ryan. I was so mad at him for a personal reason and I got my friends to try to talk to him and he said to one of my friends : “Tell Tyler to stop using his child friends to talk to me. That’s the shit that pisses me off.” I texted him and responded and said ” What the fuck ever dude. I’m tired of this shit. I’ll see you at camp (since he got a job at the camp that I go to), not as a friend, as an instructor.” What he said was what I deserved just to make that clear. I then proceeded to freak out and I grabbed a knife and cut my legs with brutal force and all of my friends in the process were freaking out because of what I was doing. I then told him how I was doing such a thing and he literally flipped out and told me that he did not want me to die and stayed on the phone with me until I regained consciousness and told me that he knew that I could push through the other things that led to me doing so to my legs because some of the other triggers were awful. I then regained consciousness and cleaned up the blood and patched up my legs and then I apologized for being such an asshole to him and we then proceeded to talk and then he went out to do something and he isn’t even in town at the moment. Also while I wasn’t awake he kept texting me to stop and I cant really describe what else he said because it was so thoughtful to say when his friend which is me was slowly dying.

asked June 15, 2015

2 Answers

He's not into you, he's just worried about your self-harming. You can go on and keep doing it if you want (I suggest strongly you don't), but it won't make him love you. It would be good if you talked with someone about this, on how to deal with rejection in healthy ways.
I think that you should find support among friends, family, or professionally equipped people. He was concerned for your safety. I am sure had you not self harmed the situation would still be tense. Self harming (from my person experience) leads to people treating you like a baby because they are scared they will hurt your feelings and you will go off and hurt yourself. I understand that some things are hard to do without the physical pain but in the end everyone will just pity you and treat you like something breakable and not the strong person I am sure you can be. You just have to find the support and get the help otherwise he will treat you like a fragile child.