What is your favorite legend of zelda game?


Whats your favorite zelda game? Mine is twilight princess:)

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That's a tough one! But it has to be a Link To The Past which will always be one of my favourite all time Gameboy games =). Closely followed by Link's Awakening with the beautiful ballad of the wind fish, I remember gathering all the instruments and hearing the final version. It brought a tear to my eye and I was only like 7 at the time!
Seriously? I can only choose one? :( I suppose it would be Twilight Princess, the graphics are amazing! Although I have yet to play Skyward Sword.....
Ocarina of Time! :D (Have you played the 3DS version? DEM GRAPHICS!)
Majoras Mask is my favourite and it's the one I've played the most. :)
My uncle had NES and all kids in the neighborhood would all gather up and play Legend of Zelda. We even drew map of the world. Those were the days :)
This should be on a gaming forum.
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