What is up with my sister?


My sister has been asking me the same questions for a while now about my personal life. Today, she calls me while her husband was on the other end. I didn’t mind talking to them since I didn’t have nothing else better to do. 3 hours pass and I was enjoying the conversation until they brought up did I have sex, Have I ever done oral…etc. I didn’t want to answer the questions because I felt that if I didn’t want answer, then I just didn’t want to answer. I had got mad because they wanted to know what I had done. Not to mention that my sister had always asked me those questions like she was texting him what to say. I told her I didn’t want to talk to her and the next thing I know, she makes up a lie saying that someone was playing on her phone when I don’t have people that I talk to. I need help please because I am losing my mind here. people says that she is jealous of me but what for? she is married and I’m not so why should she be jealous. ps. she always bring up my family history like she is obsessed to bring up the past about my father. what the hell is up with her?

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2 Answers

First of all, it's your personal life, and it's just that... PERSONAL! Tell her to mind her own business!

Second, if she is calling you talking about personal things with her husband on the other end, that to me is totally inappropriate.

Third, if the conversation casually goes towards sex and you allow that, that's one thing. If you feel uncomfortable with it, say so, and that is it. If it continues, end the conversation. If it's by phone, hang up. If it's in person, you walk away.

I'm not too sure I understand the last part, but I would express how you feel. If she cannot respect your wishes, then you distance yourself from her. One time my brother was upset with me and didn't speak to me for like 6 months. It hurt. But we got past it. The point is, you need boundaries. It is okay to let someone know what bothers you and what is okay. When they cross the line, say so, if it continues, then you have to put them outside of your circle. It's the best way to continue to have a healthy lifestyle!

Good luck to you! Hope this helps!
I don't want to alarm you, it seems as if she doesn't care for you or wants to make a fool of yourself.