What is this fiction?


First of all, i just want to state that i am a horrible humanbeing. Inside and out.So why do people always say i’m cute? I’m not fishing for compliments, it really confuses me. Like I know I’m not really presentable but am I THAT ugly that people have to say i’m cute? ANd another thing, my closest friend says that he doesn’t hate my personality while it’s terrible. i’m immature, boring, a hipocrite,… So are they all lying? What IS this fiction?

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Your looks are separate from your personality. You can still have a pleasant face and a personality that shouldn't go with a pleasant face. People may like your personality, doesnt mean you have to see it through their eyes. Just accept that you have friends that like you for you.
A lot of people are very critical of themselves, especially if they have depression or a similar condition, or just low self-esteem. Those around you are focusing on your good points, which you may not even see. And the more someone cares about you, the better you will look to them both physically and in personality. If you have people in your life who are saying good things about you, don't doubt them. They probably care quite a bit about you and want you to be happy.If you still think they're lying about your looks or personality, instead of asking how they feel on the whole, ask what specifically they like. (Your hair? Your smile? The jokes you tell or the way you laugh?) Maybe you'll get insight on good things to focus on about yourself.
Because we can sometimes be our own worst enemy, and once our mind is set on something nothing anyone says or does can make us think any different unless we want to. Your friends doesn't seem to share your perception of yourself, and something tells me that they aren't entirely wrong.

Words like cute and beautiful, doesn't reflect a persons appearance, they're describing you, your person, your actions, everything. And frankly your friend knows you a lot better than anyone of us reading your post here. Surely, he must be seeing something you don't. But hey, you could ask him what it is he likes about you. All of them.

We accept the love we think we deserve.
What makes you horrible, do you stomp on kittens and steal from blind people? Just how ugly are you? Post a photo because if you are really hideously ugly, we want to see.