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So I am going to graduate as a junior from high school and I’m going to be a sophomore this upcoming school year. I’m just worried that I’m going to do poorly in all of my classes based on what I am taking this year coming up in August. I doubled up on honors Biology and Chemistry and every other class is at a junior level. I am taking English 3, Algebra 2, US History, American Government and more. I don’t think that I am going to do well in these classes and I am a awful test taker and my studying skills are awful and always result in me failing. I still want to graduate early but I also want to go to college for business at a 4 year university, I just don’t think that I am going to make it.

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I'm going to give you some "real"advice, one that no counselor will tell you. I can relate to your plight, I graduated early, because of the same reasons, taking honors and advanced classes when I was young. It paid off, because Junior year came and I needed one class to graduate. The rest were like AP classes, honors whatever, etc. Like classes that are college level. They don't matter in the whole grand scheme of things imo. I was an awful test taker, that's why I cheated...and the sad part is my teachers KNEW I did. I don't recommend that, you may not be as lucky. One called me out on it, and said he let it slide because clearly I understand the material. Getting into college is very easy, they make it harder then it is, but don't psyche yourself out. Now if you're going to try to go to Harvard or some amazing school like that.So this is what happened my Junior (Senior technically) year. I got caught smoking weed halfway through the year, and ended up failing every class, EXCEPT the ones I needed to graduate (American Government and Economics were mine). I also went on a downward spiral, to where I was strung out on heroin most of that year. I still made A's in the two classes the matter, the rest do not.

I still went to a four year college, not or business, but I still graduated.

TL:DR. HS grades do not matter that much, neither does college, just focus on getting it done, and if I can get suspended from my final year as a senior, acquire a heroin addiction, and STILL graduate in the top 1/3 of my class....one year early....You got this bro!

Edit: My 10 year high school anniversary just happened 2 days ago. I just realized this now thanks to your post.