What is the next thing that I need to do?


I considered dropping out of high school due to the mental,emotional,physical issues that has occurred so far. My grades are the worst, I don’t even have any friends that I can trust, I find high school worthless, and everything has fallen apart. I don’t know of any reason to say and I understand dropping out has terrible consequences but honestly I don’t care.

asked June 9, 2015

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That literally breaks my heart to hear and hopefully I can. thank you both!
When I was younger and in school, I felt the same way. I hated school, I was barely passing even though I was smart enough, and I just did not care. I had no friends, and I still do not look back on those years as anything other than horrific due to depression, abuse, bullying and feeling like I did not belong. The one thing that worked out? I got that piece of paper that said I graduated. Years later I used that to go back to school. Now days some people get their GED instead, and if that is an option, I would not drop out unless you live in an area that allows you to test for that immediately. I would not have had most of the jobs I have had in my adult life without that paper. And once you are older you may decide to go back to school to learn about something you actually do care about. I still do not go to class reunions, as I figured there was no more than one or two people I went to school with that gave a shit then, why should I go visit them now. But in the long run, I am very glad that I stuck it out. Not for anything I was supposed to have learned back then, but for the opportunities I had later simply because some random school district said I did not fail completely.
I went through the same exact thing public school is the fuckin worst try online school k12 that's what I do
Hi Tyler,

Honestly, I don't believe you when you say that "I don't care". Had you not cared, you would not have taken the pains to write this post and too starting with "What is the next thing that I need to do?

Now let's come to the real issue, provided you are willing to listen to it with an open mind, and not reject it just because my answer doesn't match your current thought patterns.

What you are going through right now is not unique to you. We all have been through this stage in our lives. The only thing is that each person who is passing through it starts to believe that only his problems are the worst, and there is no solution to it. It's a part of the "Growing-up Blues package". I too have gone through it, and each and everything you say was present in my life too. And in addition to it, I had started contemplating suicide. But today, after many years, I am still here, answering your question.

Now the question are -- do you really want solutions and overcome your issues, just like me, or do you just want to stay stuck in the "self-pity zone"?

Once you reply to me, I will then proceed further.

Bless you.