What is the best way to plan out my day


I’ve read a lot about time management, to-do lists, etc, but I’m still kind of confused.

I know it is necessary to plan out college assignments and work related tasks and business projects, but is it really necessary to plan out all of my hobbies, family and friends activities and such? I feel like it robs my creativity and flexibility to put all those on my to-do list.
So basically I’m wondering what I need to write down and not write down for my to-do list.

What is your strategy for being productive and how do you plan your day?
Would love some advice! (:

Category: asked June 18, 2014

8 Answers

Well the reason they want you to plan out things other than college assignments, work related tasks, and business projects is because they want you to be able to manage your time to where you have enough space to be able to have enough time to study and do assignments.
I don't think that it will rob you of your creativity- that comes from how you preform your tasks rather than when you do it. It can become very stressful being able to find time to do your studies and assignments when you don't have a time frame worked out because a lot of people can tend to procrastinate as well as mismanage what they are doing.

When you have so much stress thinking about the work that needs to be done people can tend to overlook things like time management so having your windows already pre-planned will allow you to make sure you have enough time for everything no matter how stressed out you can get. Sure you wont be able to plan out everything as a lot of things are spontaneous and can make you feel like a robot but having some base things planned out can really help you manage your stress. ^-^
When I was in college, I planned out which days of the week I was going to spend doing certain projects. Then I would make a schedule for those days. I would schedule specific hours in which to study, and then schedule free time, but what I did with that free time was entirely flexible. The only time I would schedule hobbies or skills is if I was working toward a specific goal involving that hobby or skill (such as promising myself I am going to run at a certain time, or write freely for an hour).
I think a simple weekly to-do list (like, "write/draw/play/ whatever hobby 3 times a week", "spend x hours of quality time with mom/dad/friend") and giving yourself time to dedicate to do nothing but that certain thing, can help you achieve some results without it feeling like planning, and help you pinpoint and remind you your long term goals. A lot of writers, like Murakami, schedule some regular time where they sit and do nothing but either write or stare at a page, and it works for them.
For me i plan it step by step and on timely basis with 15 mins extra time on each (can be lowered for simple things) for unexpected delays
I feel like doing this thing, so I'm going to go do it.

It seems simple and easy because it is.
Get HabitRPG! It's a website and an iPhone app.
It lets you add daily tasks, habits you want to make, and to-dos for things you need to get done at some point. Then you get checklists and points for completing them. You only need to add the things you feel you need to get done on a regular basis, and then you can manage your time in whatever way you want, while still having some structure.
Seems like you should do whatever is useful for you. If you work better not pre-scheduling family time, then don't do it.Personally, I feel better planning out time for hobbies and everything else because otherwise I don't feel like I have enough time to do the things I like. But if you don't think that way, then it doesn't make sense to plan out everything else.
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