What is Love to you?


How do you express love for something? I have my own way, but Im curious about others

Category: asked January 21, 2014

6 Answers

Love is the most complicated, confusing, amazing thing that can happen to anyone, and it's not a word that should be tossed around. Love is an act, of kindness, of helping someone without expecting anything in return. Love is bringing joy to someone, love is sharing the emotions of a person and going through there problems, helping them with it. Love is a verb and it means thinking of someone before yourself, it means sharing your time and attention with someone.
I usually rush into it, I put all my trust into them, and I want to know everything about them, I become so interested in their likes and dislikes, I guess thats how I've done it.
When I'm in a relationship I'm afraid of pushing the person away by expressing my love so I usually act chill and don't express anything to them until they do to me. But I don't really know how to express my love for 'something' besides talking or writing about it.
I believe that love is unconditional and no matter what the other does you find a way to compromise. Unfortunately some people like to take advantage of this in relationships and that's a real shame. Love isn't perfect all the time.. Nothing is ever perfect... but it's the fact that you keep coming back to one another and you keep trying to find ways to make the other smile and be happy that is love.
Love is a rainbow of emotions and a rainbow of commitments, it doesn't complete until you have "care, respect, honesty, loyalty, and humility" combined successfully towards that person. :) While many confuse love to be a sexual attraction, it is possibly that those people never understood or experienced love. and mistakenly believe and settle upon that attraction as the greatest achievement they can attain that.Mostly adults guys are denied of such experience or understanding by our today's society.
I express my love through role-play, I like online relationships so I often with nuzzle them, hold them, talk, do artwork for them, send them a song that makes me think them... I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic -grins sheepishly-