What is going on!?


In high school there was a girl who I had an immense crush on. It was to the point where I couldn’t concentrate on school because she would sit behind me and I would constantly turn around to talk to her. We were kind of friends…. (we had no other classes together). One of my friend in the class we were together in told her about my crush behind my back and things got really weird. We stopped talking and always gave awkward looks in the hallway. Things got really messy and we just stopped talking all together.

Fast forward a few years into University, and now a mutual friend of ours (who happens to be one of my best friends) invited us both out to a night in downtown. We ended up really getting along and drinking it up. She randomly added me on Facebook and texted me to invite me to her house parties she has with close friends. Of course between that time I had moved on and dated other girls, but I still have really strong feelings for her. Her personality is amazingly magnetic.

Now i’ll be the first one to admit that I don’t understand women AT ALL. What is up?! Why is she all excited about us being friends and hanging out!! She of course has a boyfriend (how couldn’t she…). I don’t get it. What is going on, and how do i deal with this situation!? Do i just play it cool and be friends?! Or do I stay away from her… Im no home wrecker and as well as I really don’t think i’m good enough for her. Do I go hollywood and try to woo her?!

Any adivce would be amazing! Thanks.

PS: Sorry if this all sounds really tweenish. I understand, but such is life at times.

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First of all, never say that you aren't good enough for someone, I just had someone tell me that and I think that's not a decision for you to make, because maybe she feels she isn't good enough for you! And don't stay away from her, if you have feelings for her still you don't want to just let it go, stay friends with her and who knows, things could work out for the best! People who are good friends before entering a relationship usually have better, stronger relationships! So for now, just be a friend and be there for her and see what happens!
Well it may seem a bit strange but when she found out that you liked her it obviously made her feel uncomfortable, now that she has a boyfriend she's 'safe', she can feel free enough to talk to you and hang out with you because she knows that you're not going to try and swoop in and take her you're just trying to be her friend because of her circumstances, possibly?
First of all I'd like to point out the way you view this girl is really poetic, for example "Her personality is amazingly magnetic." Anyways, sounds like you've been infatuated with this girl for some time now, and I think anyone can relate there. If I were personally in your shoes, I would go to the parties she invites you to and just try to have fun. Maybe something will click. Maybe it won't. Either way you won't find out unless you try, and this is your chance! Keep in mind that she has a boyfriend though, although that doesn't mean things are set in stone. I wish you the best :)
Thank You for your replies :) Helped!