what is a resource management class?


Im in tenth grade and i was placed in a resource management class for next semester. I didn’t ask for this class so im not sure what it is about or if it is something i need to take.
Is there anyone that has taken it? If so please explain what it is about. Thanks (:

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3 Answers

"Resource management" is a really vague name for a class. As a student teacher, I worked at a school where everyone had a period called "resource" that was essentially a free study period that they used to make up tests and ask teachers for help.

This could be like that (a study period). In a similar vein, it could be an intervention-style remedial class, if you've struggled a lot with reading or math in the past. It also sounds to me like it could be a technology class.

The only people who can tell you for sure are your parents and the school guidance counselor. Ask your parents if they know anything about the class, or call the school to check up on it.

P.S. I highly doubt you'd be placed in a reading/math intervention class without someone telling you what was up, so try not to worry too much about that.
P.P.S. On further research, I found this article that mentions resource management as a sort of financial education class.

Maybe that's it.
Thanks (: im going to the school today to see if i can get my schedule changed so hopefully they'll tell me what kind of class it is and if i have any other options