What is a psychopath? Am I one?


I’m still young, but I’ve been interested in psychology for a long time, particularly on subjects like psychopathy. The typical image of a psychopath seems far different from what a psychopath actually is from a medical standpoint. I became curious about psychopathy first because I had been looking for answers about myself online. I’ve done a little bit of research, and psychopathy is what seemed to fit me the best, from the way I see things at least.
Apparently, psychopaths actually fit well into society, or blend, rather. I had no severe childhood trauma, and I am not impulsive, so I ruled out being a sociopath, but the reason I had started wondering about myself was because of my own noticeable lack of sympathy. I don’t think I’ll necessarily say I lack empathy, though, which is what a psychopath is usually described to lack. I can usually understand things about other people and what they think or feel, but I don’t necessarily sympathize with them. I lie often and keep all of my real thoughts and feelings to myself. Outwardly, I’m probably the nice, reasonable, quiet girl that would sit in the front of the room during a lecture and take pages of notes. Inside, I despise people in general more than specific people and would probably kill everyone given there were no laws or consequences, so let’s hope The Purge never becomes reality. I look down on others condescendingly. I hate my own family even though I, at the same time, don’t think that they really did anything to wrong me. I don’t show that I hate them, though. We get along quite well, actually. It’s all laughable in its own way. But constantly pretending gets tiring, even to me. Social interactions completely drain me, and I spend most of my time locked in my room. Also contrary to what a psychopath is described to be, I feel that I know very well what is right or wrong, but I just don’t care what is right or wrong. That is where my problems lie. For example, I know very well that killing and lying and all of that is “wrong”, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to do those things, nor do I feel guilty about it in the slightest. This is where I see that I am off, because surely not all people are like this, right?
Please tell me your thoughts. There are far more reasons and issues that I have, which I may further articulate another time, but with this, I’m just curious to see what anyone else has to say.

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So before I talk about psychopathy specifically, let me just say, quite often we will look at traits of something and say, wow, this sounds a lot like me, I exhibit those traits, but the truth is we aren't any where near what the actual diagnosis would be. So you lack empathy, and think that you mass murder and not feel remorse. Without a proper study diagnosis is impossible, but you have to think about things that have occurred in your life. Trauma, abuse... Etc. you describe social interaction as draining. This point more to anti social behaviour, anxiety and even fear. I assume you are adolescent, or early adulthood, which means emotional stuff is still being formed. Feeling numb, or emotionless may can also stem from actual physical issues as well. You may say I haven't had abuse... But sometimes something can trigger a big effect without us realizing it (I was shamed in front of the class in kindergarten for example). So the real point of this is if your really concerned find someone qualified to talk to. But if I believe the traits of what I read online, I have OCD and schizoid disorder because I count the forks when I take them out of the dishwasher. But I have neither. (I count the forks out of habit for a job I used to do I just never stopped)
I think you're mixing the concept of a Sociopath and a Psychopath first of all. Second of all your traits doesn't mean you're either one of them. One thing is you being interested in the subject and also having some less positive and cold traits, but that doesn't mean you're pure evil. But if you still have doubts seak a professional in that area, only them can do a profile and indentify you as either one of them or not