What is a healthy amount to spend daydreaming?


I spend nearly my whole day doing it to some extent, and I don’t feel like it interferes with my life too much – on the contrary I feel like it enhances it. But I’m feeling quite tired of feeling like I need to escape people and reality all the time, and I wish I had some way of not wanting to do it as much as I do. Does anyone else have this problem?

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3 Answers

Honestly, I day dream allll the time, which is pretty bad in certain situations when I need to be focused, but I tend to remind myself of the importance of what I should be doing at that time, it usually does the trick for a while. But no, I don't find day dreaming to be an issue. Like you said, it's somewhat enhancing. I'm a creative type (music, art, film, etc) and I swear to god, most of my concepts would come from day dreaming throughout the day. Just some random inspiration that would flutter through the mind and I'd just have to write down or record right then and there if I could. I think day dreaming is absolutely normal, and again, a good thing. Back before all this technology, we had no choice BUT to day dream as a source of learning, entertainment, experimenting, etc. That's still a part of our human nature, and thank jeebus it is. I'm not sure what your passions are, but they're most likely reflected in the content of these moments. You should pursue where they point you. No matter how impractical it may seem. ....but I digress. I have this, but sure as hell don't see it as a problem.
When I was younger I was bad for this. At school my friends would shake me sometimes to bring me back around. At home I would put a CD on lay in bed and before I knew it the CD would be done playing. I did start to grow out of it though...to a point. I still daydream but not even close to what I use to. Its funny because there are times now when I have nothing to do and just think 'its been awhile since i had a good daydream' lol I don't think its that big of a deal as long as you know what it real and what is daydream. You get your work done, grades are good if your in school, you have friends and can be social when you want to be (as in your not staying home or away from other just so you can stay in a dream world) Many people do have very active imaginations and daydreaming is away to put it to work. Maybe try drawing/painting, music or drama. Something it will allow you to create these other worlds but will also allow you to share them with others. I personally do a lot of art and sing.
If you're worried about the amount of time spent, you may have a maladaptive daydreaming disorder. Really, as long as it's not interrupting your everyday life you'll be fine.