what is a guy really thinking when a girl texts first?


what is a guy really thinking when a girl texts him first? what if he likes her? what if he doesnt? because i know that if i like a guy and he texts me first, im really happy and excited about it. but if im not interested i could get annoyed. is it the same for guys?

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im not sure because im not a guy, but as a girl, i never really read into it much if somebody texts me first. im usually just relieved, because i dont like being the first to send a text if its someone i like haha. but i have talked to some people about this before and i dont think a lot of people read into it very much. some do though, and that is fine!
Generally speaking, a guy, when messaged, typically has a couple thoughts flowing through his head:1. (if anonymous) I wonder if she's cute. 2. Who is this? 3. It's this girl! Yay! 4. Ugh, not this girl again.It really varies as to how we see you.
Honestly, when a girl texts me first I think nothing of it. I just think that they wanted to talk to me and I respond. I think that most guys don't fuss over it as much as girls do (no offense, its just how it works and thats what we love about you!) I think that is is the same for guys but to a much lesser extent.
He will read it as a sign you are interested in talking to him, and if he knows you and he isn't interested, he will just show not being interested in continuing the conversation. He'll take care of the not interested part, if it is so, so relax and pursue what you want!
You'd have to ask him. What you're asking here is practically mind-reading.
It's situational. Depends on the girl, the situation I'm in, and what exactly the content of the message is. There's no solves-all :P