What helps you sleep?


I’ve been an insomniac for nearly ten years by now and it is driving me crazy. I’ve tried a bunch of prescribed sleep aids through the years and herbal remedies, but I still can’t consistently fall asleep. Just to name a few off I’ve tried: melatonin, valerian root, camomile tea, the warm milk trick, laying off the caffeine, Tylenol PM, etc

Does anyone have something they do that you could suggest? It’d help me out a lot! Thank you.

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5 Answers

Prescription sleep aids, nothing OTC, and establishing a consistent sleeping schedule. Make your bedroom about sleep; remove all distractions and make it as comfortable as possible. Only go into your room to sleep or change clothes and your mind will begin to associate your bedroom with rest.

Good habit-forming will eventually help you transition off of the sleep-aids and settle into natural, restful sleep.
Establishing a sleeping schedule is worth your time. Though small sleep-aides work for some, they do not work for all. If you are constantly looking at the clock at night, try making sure there are no visible ways to see the time while you sleep. Worrying about time and how much you sleep during the night may keep you awake. Try avoiding any electronics or TV before you plan to go to sleep.
It normally takes me half an hour or more to fall asleep (yes, I have a regular sleeping schedule). Something Ive always done to help with falling asleep is telling myself stories. They can range anywhere from something normal like what I want my future to be like to something way out there like having super powers and there being strange creatures. I just pick something, close my eyes, and imagine it in as much detail as I possibly can. What everything looks like, sounds like, smells like, the dialogue, just everything I can think of. Sure, some nights I dont get to sleep any faster but it makes the time go by faster. It beats staring at the ceiling until I fall asleep or letting my mind wander on to topics I dont want to think about while trying to sleep. Im not sure if this would help for you or not. Either way, good luck.
This may sound a bit weird, but here is what I do.. When I want to sleep I get to the position that is most comfortable to me at the moment(most of the time facedown, a bit to the side, with one of my arms kind of hugging my pillow). I let myself relax and insted of making thoughts or thinking I try to focus in the moment or focus in my breathing a little bit. It's like droping your thought process and watching your breathing, most of the time it's hard because minds, at least mine are chattery as fk and are difficult to shut up. Anyway, as I feel my relaxing or watch my breathing I start to let everything go. And when one does things like these "images"(imagination) or things start popping into our minds... It could be an "image" or even "sound" or "voice" that you experienced recently or that same day or it could even be "images" or things that don't make any sense. anyway when these things pop into my mind what I do is I let them flow, at this point I try not to resist anything I just watch these "Images" or things flow and even fade if the do and before I know it I'm asleep or maybe even dreaming. Whenever you feel uncomfortable or feel the urge to change your position do it and get comfortable. I know it sounds weird but that's kind of what I do xD good luck, I hope you figure out a way to rest nicely.
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