What does a guy think for a 20 year virgin?


Hey there, I am a 20 year old girl that has never dated anyone and yes still a virgin. I am good looking, and that is not the problem. I have been always focused on school and never was interested in having a relationship. I do not know how would a guy feel about this? Some I have talked to are really surprised…….. Also another question only for guys: Are you horny all the time?? I have noticed all the guys o nline end up sextalking “/… thanks:)

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Well, speaking as a part of the male population, i can safely say that it isnt weird you are still a virgin when you are 20. If someone says that or makes you think that, then thats their mistake. While it is true a lot of guys on the internet are, well, sex-oriented, thats just some guys. All in all, you are perfectly okay the way you are. Hope this helped!
I know some one who is very dear to me that is in their 30's and has never experienced a sexual relationship yet. Why??? because they are not married yet and want to wait to find that right person who will respect them,and commit to them.They dont feel that having sex just because its suppose to be natural, means that its also a good thing to do just because you like some one or have a boy friend.Yes it is natural to have those feelings when ever that happens to you will be different to others though! I agree! and regarding self! I also didnt have a sexual relation ship until my wedding night.And I am glad to be very honest here because both of us felt the same way,and neither of us have to worry so much about all those things out there that can effect your health and relationships.Dont worry about what others feel ,peer pressure etc.Just enjoy life as it is for you now,enjoy being young ,you dont need to feel that your age has anything to do with it.To much is placed on sex these days and it isn't something that makes us a good person. Just take your time in doing what you want to do and the time will come when you know it is right.
I kind of preach a lot around here that I'm all for virginity until marriage, or at least until it's absolutely worth it (to give intimately to someone you absolutely are in love with).

Men do respect women who choose to hold themselves out for that long, -especially- if they're really good looking. Kind of further shows they have self-control and respect for themselves.