What do you think about conformism?


So I’m a huge conformist. I believe that there’s no need to change things that already are OK. It has helped me out a lot throughout my life, as I often find myself being in peace with stuff that others would ought to change and would struggle with.

I have met hella people who don’t think conformism is good for me. So I want to know your opinion. Are you a conformist? Do you think conformism is linked with patience and satisfaction? And, does it help?

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I think conformism its (with all the respect that you deserve) mediocrity, why stop when you can accomplish so much more and also put yourself into a place that demands the ultimate best of your capabilities and then succeed in that whathever situations its just an amazing feeling
While contentment is nice, why rule out the possibility of something that could potentially make you even happier?

Change is inevitable, all you can do is decide wether you change with it.
There is nothing particularly wrong with conformism. Just as how there is nothing particularly wrong with non conformist either. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. What matters is what aspects of your life do you apply them to. Too much of anything is not good for you.

Patience is not a unique trait in conformity. We have leaders who had to exercise great patience in their non conformist actions in order to bring some positive changes. There are times where you will have to conform to some of the things you parents tell you in order to understand what they were trying to teach.

You get more satisfaction when you do not conform to something (as long as it is for a good cause)
For one thing you actually stepped out of your comfort zone. You did not depend on your emotionally secure feelings to do the right thing in the face or real dangers or challenges.

No need to go around and say I am a conformist. There are times where we have to conform while there times where we do not.
I have to conform to the rules of this site so that I don't get ban from it.
I learnt something long time ago - "why fix it if it aint broke". So i guess conformism (as everything else) is situation driven. I dont think anyone can / should be just a uni-dimensional conformist or non conformist. if you find that there are several things in your life that are going fine the way they are, well, dont change them. If they give you happiness, stick by them. At the same time, if you find that there are some things that need to change - change them.
i agree with madeleine and wearegoldenx, conformism is mediocrity. and change is inevitable! mediocrity is no way to live. the easy way isn't always the best way.