What do you do when you miss someone?


My bf is working abroad, its only for a couple of weeks but we usually talk every day and I’m starting to really miss him.

How do you cope with missing someone?

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1 Answer

A large part of missing someone when they are away is not having that tangible connection. A lot of long distance relationships fail because people stop seeming real to each other. Texting or calling helps, but what I've found makes me happiest when I miss someone is getting picture updates on what they are doing. They say a lot of communication is non verbal, and it's true. A smiley in a text doesn't generate that same warm feeling as seeing someone's real smile. Try some apps like snapchat or sent pics via FB messenger. It would probably also help if you set a small time aside each day to video conference, so you can have some real communication.*P.S. His nicest sweater or T-shirt always helps :)