What do you do when you feel completely alone?


I’m new to this site, but desperate :/

My best friend (who is now my ex-boyfriend) and I have been “together” for over 3 years. I’m 18, we met when I was 14. We broke up 5 months ago after he kissed another girl.

About a month ago we tried to rekindle everything. I have tried countless times to get him back, to figure out why he doesn’t want to be close with me, but he is distant now and I can’t find the guy I used to know.

I just told him it’s best if we don’t see each other and he said “Whatever you want.” He just doesn’t care. I’m so unbelievably destroyed by this. I don’t want anyone else. I don’t have very many friends, if any. I take all of my courses (senior in HS) online, so I don’t see other kids every day.

I have a friend who lives too far away for me to see basically ever. I have my family. That’s it. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to do anything, see anyone, or think about anything. I feel so sad and lost and lonely. What should I do now? I don’t know where to begin.

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Stop being so stupidly picky. You tell him you two shouldn't see each other, he agrees to it and yet you're still upset over it! Make up your mind...
As far as coming in contact with people is concerned, simply follow your hobbies and likes. Maybe go to a concert, do some sports or just go to some café you like. It is possible to meet people at any of these occasions.
I myself don't go out and force myself to make friends at any costs or stuff like that. I simply go day to day like everyone else and meet pretty much all new people during the time while I do my hobbies. I made two new friends when I went snowboarding, because I simply asked for directions on the slope since it was the first time I was there, met a lot of people on an international conference where I went recently. You can make new friends during your hobbies pretty much any time. Simply be open, ask around if you have any questions which then often leads to a conversation. Don't force anything and you'll have good friends who will probably share at least one of your hobbies. That's the long and short of it.
You should begin whenever you accept that none of this is your fault, and remembering how beautiful and special you are. Nothing anyone could ever do or say to you defines who you are as a person. Sunshine is the strongest natural antidepressant and will definitely help your mood, so I recommend picking out a cute outfit, fixing yourself up however makes you feel pretty, and getting out of the house. You can do something as simple as walking through the park/going to a coffee shop/lounging in a bookstore, or you could try new and interesting activities. Or do something you know and love! There are bound to be other people doing the same, and bonding over a mutual love and passion is a great way to ease loneliness and even make friends. As for the guy, please believe me when I say you will heal. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but once you get out there and start making new memories, the old ones won't feel as pressing.If it makes you feel any less alone, I had a similar relationship with my ex boyfriend, who was my first love. He didn't seem to care when I was completely torn up about the end of our relationship, and moved on within a week. So if you want to talk about me, don't hesitate to message me! :) We're all here for you, darling.
You should accept he no longer cares, you should make your peace with it, you should take your time and mourn for the ending of the relationship and you should move forward. Though most importantly you should stop idolizing him, stop putting him on the pedestal. Let that be but an experience that fought you a lesson but don't let that lesson stand in the way of you opening up to a potential boyfriend due to fear of rejection. It won't matter how many times you have been rejected in the past once you find the one!
Hey there Emily, I know how it feels to feel completely alone but you can easily get through it. First, you need to tell yourself that this boy you're talking about hurt you a lot but you need to be the better girl. Once you'll tell yourself that you're an independent girl who doesn't need any jerk in his life, you'll believe it and believe me, you really don't need him, it's HIS loss. Then, you have to make friends one way or another. I suggest finding yourself a hobby. Do you like dancing? Painting? Any sports? If so, sign up to some class and meet other people your age who share the same hobby as you. It'll be fun, trust me. Spend more time with your family, and always tell yourself that there's always more to life than a boy who mistreated you. Once you say it, you'll believe it and you'll be more optimistic, that's the first step to the rest of your life :)
I think you should move on, it'll be kinda tough but it's better if you don't think of him anymore, you should try finding someone hobbies, anything that will get your mind off of things and try looking for friends while you're at it that way you can share similar interests with them. Always be strong and positive