What do you believe?


I am agnostic, and my boyfriend is Buddhist Christian. Tonight we are simply discussing religion and faith and what we believe happens after death. If you have a moment and feel like conversing with us in how you think the universe works, then please join.
I believe in after life, that you don’t just have once chance on Earth. We will continue to recycle lives on Earth until the reason we were put here is discovered. One day we will know the purpose of our existence, until then we’ll keep bumbling around with our self worth being defined by instagram likes.
N believes that we have one chance, and once we die we go to heaven. At the gates we will be told the reason humans were placed on Earth, and we will essentially learn the meaning of life.
What do you believe?

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I believe that the purpose of life is to live the moment that you are in. It is the only one that is real. The past is history and the future is a dream. I think that when the universe was born that every bit of energy that ever will be was released, and we are just a form of batteries that stores it for awhile. The energy is too strong for our bodies to carry it long and eventually it burns up the battery. So after the battery (my body) dies, the energy that made me, me is blended with the other free energy until it is held for awhile in another battery. So I have been here in one form or another since the moment of creation and I will exist in one form or another forever. Even though the me that is here now will only recognize being me while this body is alive. The thought of this makes me feel warm and happy. I heard an older guy talking about this one time and when I heard it I felt that it was the truth. This makes more sense than some supernatural being creating us all.
People are always wondering why we are here and for that reason most believe that a higher being put them here to spread his message. Me personally I don't believe in a higher power but I am constantly wondering what happens after we die. I think to myself that once we die we keep our old memories and use them to have a better second life but that is just something that would be cool lol but life is just a big mystery it's hard to really prove anything you just have to enjoy the ride. To me the meaning of life is just to live how you wanna live and be happy regardless of what others think. If you like that shirt that makes you look goofy, wear it, at the end the only thing that matters is your own happiness and it shouldn't matter what others think. Just live life being you and be true to yourself and others :)
I believe everything and every religion/religious figure exists. Religion is determined by our own beliefs, and being any religion or having any views is acceptable by all means. I believe there is a world beyond this life, for every religion.
I used to be Athiest, but working in the Healthcare industry changes a person. I believe in a concept of a "divine" figure, but not in any one religion, or religion at all. I have never had good experiences with Christians and all the ones that I have met are mostly judgmental hypocrites (no offense to any lovely people here who may be Christian; that has just been my personal experience), and I do not believe in the concept of organized religion. I believe that masses who unite for the sake of religion twist their religion to selfishly mean whatever they want, leading to a warped and twisted values that preach more hatred than love these days (I believe this true of ALL organized religions, and that spiritualism should be contained to oneself/family). After death, I do not have a personal belief of what happens (if anything). I believe that religion/spirituality is concerned more with how we live than what happens when we die.
I do not believe in any extension or interpretation of the supernatural. I believe that we are born,we live and we die. Our bodies break down and become part of other life.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed from one form to another. So the energy that powers my consciousness will dwindle until my the organ responsible for organizing my consciousness, my brain, dies. Then all the bio-electrical energy will break down and become fuel for another kind of life.

I am not spiritual, nor am I a nihilist. I am a science-literate atheist secular humanist.