what do u do to feel fine when u feel like shit?


I lie down and put music to full volume, for a moment I forget everything.

Category: Tags: asked December 29, 2013

3 Answers

I like to go out with friends or family members. They can help distract me from whatever bad is happening in my life. I also like to listen to music, or make music myself by singing or playing my saxophone. I sometimes like to write my thoughts down on paper, and then throw it away.
Thats not a very healthy way to let it out. I know we all do it sometimes but what you really need to do is talk to someone. If it helps even go vent on this sight so you don't have to tell people you know. Music does help, but not when you use it to just totally ignore your problems. If you continue doing that, it is eventually all going to get to you and one day your going to snap. Keep from snapping and find some other ways to let out your frustration. Work out, write a poem, vent it out, talk to a friend, talk to a counselor, anything to get it out of your system.
I sleep it off. And if it doesnt help, I drink a little.