What do people talk about?


Whenever I see people walking, they are constantly talking. At parties, people are constantly talking. Is there something these people have to constantly be talking about. When i walk with people Ill say something, but most the time its just like silence. At parties, I have nothing to talk about to people so i can never meet anyone new even though i really want to. How do some people constantly have something to talk about. Even if ive had a few drinks in me, I still dont have confidence to strike up a conversation.

If im going to meet someone knew, what am i suppose to talk about?

asked January 20, 2014

3 Answers

Simple rule of human nature is that people LOVE to talk about themselves. If you just ask them about their interests they can talk for hours. Listening is the key. Lets take a look at real life example. Say you are at a party and a girl across you is going to Engineering Uni. Say: "Hey, I heard you are going to engineering uni, my brother is thinking about it, is it hard? How is it?". Boom. She will talk for half an hour and you can just nod your head and comment here and there and ask her more as she talks, people love that and it will make them like you for sure. Now that is solid tactics you can use every time and everywhere when you are supposed to meet someone new. Notice something about them and simply ask about it!Now the other thing you mentioned aka "Talking shit". How do you find interesting topics to talk about with your friends while simply walking and you don't care about "interests"? Interesting topic you can always talk about is "local events and happenings". Start buying and reading local paper. It is full of stories of interesting people doing something amazing. Mentioning that will surely bring some discussion. Also, dark chronic like drug busts, corrupt policeman and government, bar fights, car accidents. People are always willing to know about stuff like that.Last tip: Be yourself. I seen people here suggesting someone to write down list of interesting topics to talk about before date. No! Every man is interesting in his own way and you should embrace it and not trying to become someone you are not.
Try just talking about current events around you. Like, if a new movie has just come out, try asking them about it. You can ask questions like: "So, have you seen *insert movie title* yet? I hear it's good." If they've seen/liked it, try mentioning things that relate to it. If they haven't, try explaining it to them. If it turns out that they don't like it, ask them what movie(s) they like or have seen.
Most important part of talking is being a good listener. If you look interested and ask the right questions people will talk to you about themselves. Normal things people talk about are sports, movies, work, vacation, plans, just any random thing, nobody really thinks about what to talk about ahead of time they just talk about wtvr. Just don't do like a 20 questions interview or answer with yes/no's, or carry a monologue, people hate those types.