What Do I do with our Friendship?


Well, for 2 months now, me and my best friend still haven’t talk to each other. We stopped talking because she got awkward I had a crush on her. We haven’t talk in person but we messaged each other. Our friends helped us sending letters and us, ourselves talk in social media.

She didn’t reply anything in my first message. But she replied finally on a letter. She gave me a choice whether to still have a crush on her OR removing it and we’re still going to be best friends. I replied to her messaging, choosing the 2nd one. I would not want to risk our friendship.

The problem is that until now, were still not talking and I really don’t know why. I gave her enough time and I think if she really treats be as a best friend, she would not be acting like this.

I tried almost everything I could. And I’m near of letting go. It seems like I’m doing the effort and it seems I’m still the one lacking effort while she doesn’t even do anything.

I asked my friend to ask her if we could talk tomorrow but her reply was that not this month cause she is too busy. I understand how busy she is cause we are in 3rd year high school. I really feel something is tearing us down. And I wanted to talk to her cause its my 16th birthday on Oct 23 and I’m really hoping we’re already having our friendship back that day or before. Cause it really hurts not talking to her specially on my birthday. If I had one wish, I would like our friendship back.

Please help me :( ( I really need someone who understands.

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3 Answers

This is when you put your grown up clothes on and stop with the letters back and forth and using your friends as messenger owls. Just simply walk up and talked to her. Tell her straight up, "We need to talk. If you want to be friends with me at all we need to communicate." If she doesn't sadly call it quits and find a new friend. Yes it sucks. You have overcome your pressures of expressing your feelings for her but in the end it may have not been what you would hope to be. It happens.However, how I'm reading this it seems she is being immature and doesn't understand that feelings happen. We cannot control what we feel, when, where, and how. They simply happen. What we do with these feelings is all up to us and for her to just reject you completely is immature.
I regrettably been down that road too many times :( only my case was I kept tryin to talk to her until it was a week before my birthday if she said happy birthday to me we would continue on as friends. If she's the best friend you claimed you two to be no matter how busy she is she should still have time to tell you happy birthday then you build on that an try to build your friendship back up. It's awkward at first especially for the girl so give her some space :) I sincerely hope this would help and I wish you the best of luck
If she was really your best friend, she would understand that feelings happen sometimes and she wouldn't pressure you to "remove" a crush. Seems like she's handling it in an immature way and you need to talk to her directly (instead of letters) and see what the deal is. Hope this helps!