What do I do with my friends?


I have this one friend who always got the attention. Not by boys, but by everyone in general. She’s my best friend named Annalise. Annalise was the typical shy girl who never really spoke unless spoken to. But over the years, her attitude has changed. She got more talkative and conceited. I say she’s conceited cuz in our group, all the attention’s on her and I respect that, but when no attentions on her, she gets all sad and snobbish and somewhat angry. I dont know how to describe the expression on her face, but it’s like she’s saying “I don’t like this.” She also hates it when she doesn’t get what she wants. By this, I mean, when she gives an order, but no one will follow, she gives the “I don’t like this” look again and gets all mad looking. And 2 of the group members seem to worship her named: Audrey and Nicole. Both of them only want to talk to Annalise and when she’s not paying attention to them, they ignore everyone in the group and just sit there on their phones while everyone else is socializing. One thing that bothered me the most is that Audrey made everyone in the group contribute to Annalise’s $70 birthday gift where in Audrey barely cared about anyone else’s birthday. Audrey and Nicole do so much for her like they’re always trying to please Annalise. It bothers me a lot. And yes, I do admit that I am a bit jealous of Annalise, but it bothers me more that these people are treating Annalise like a god and that she’s such a nice person when she doesn’t even defend when anyone’s in trouble or helps someone with a problem. What do I do? Plus, the thing that bothered me the most about Annalise is that when we were trying to this movie for the first time (The Breakfast Club) She was just on her phone and barely looking at the screen. She never really appreciated movies. Which is one thing I don’t like in a person.

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hey i've got the same problem, almost exactly the same, the only difference is that nobody in our group worships her but everyone out of our group does. she doesnt like being alone cause she's afraid of the loneliness she's felt before. while audrey and nicole, just wanted to be in the same position as annalise is right now so they're being a kiss a** so annalise wouldn't leave them. and girl, u don't need someone who doesn't appriciate movies in your life, expecially breakfast club!!!!