What do I do now…


I just lost my job and i’m feeling worthless right now, filed for unemployement waiting on review, filed applications, things with the wife have been up and down lately, she says she is fine with me but i don’t know how long, i don’t know what to do..

Category: asked September 15, 2013

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You are not your job. You are not your marriage. You have your own worth, which no one can take from you. Twelve years ago, my (ex)husband and I were thrown out of my apartment on my due date. My child was born five days later, and boy did I feel worthless at that point! I did get a new apartment, and eventually a new husband. I look back on those times and I'm not sad that I lost either one-- just grateful for the learning and growing that has come in the time since. You will be okay. Keep breathing, keep growing, and HANG IN THERE.
One failure in your career can often lead to new opportunities at a new job later on. Being unemployed has a way of challenging your faith in yourself, because of the frantic search, and the paperwork, but brush up on interview techniques, and try to find a job with perspective for the future. You will likely be happier than you were at the job where you were let go. Also try to focus on what skills you have, and what potential jobs would benefit from those skills. This will make you feel engaged in your work, which will help you find more job-satisfaction in the long run.

Don't give up hope, try to look beyond this period of unemployment, towards your future job, and good luck!
dear Joeyb.....believe in yourself,....( if you dont believe in yourself, chances are no one else will either. ).......have faith,...( faith is believing when common sence says not to.)....re-evaluate your skills and improve on them ,..( your local libary is a good place to start .).....make up your mind ,...be determined , persistant , ...hone your craft.....and on the words of Winston Churchill " Never , ever give up."......( note the word ' win ' in that chap's name ! )