What do I do before and after my 21st Birthday.


I’m turning 21 this Monday, October 27, 2014, and I’m worried about that day, I’m a guy and for some 21 is like a huge day, like going to pubs and clubs, drinking all night and all that, but right now I don’t really have a large amount of friends to celebrate with. Right now I only have like a few friends 10 atleast who remained true to me. And lately, I haven’t done anything at all, no activities whatsoever. Any suggestions what should I do on my birthday or at least after I turn 21 what should I do, specific activities that I should do that is worth procrastinating, words of wisdom, anything. I humbly appreciate your answers

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2 Answers

well the question is what do you want to do ?? i mean if you're a gamer then drinking might not be something for you.. what you could do is as your friends if they want to chill with you.. maybe all of you put money in and go somewhere together ??when i turned 21 i didn't do anything, that i remember.. never really been that much into celebrating birthdays.. but do what ever you want to dude it's YOUR birthday so it's your choise.. dont' give a poop on what other ppl say you should do :) but i hope you have a great day no matter what you do and happy bday :D
you should pick a few friends and go away for the weekend. Some where thats atleast an hour or so drive. Get drinks, food and go clubbing.