What do I do about my Long-Distance Relationship?


I met someone online almost 6 years ago and have now been dating them for over a year. We’ve met in person multiple times and have a very strong relationship with plans to be “normal” distance within the next few years. His family knows about me, and they’ve met me and are okay with the fact that we met online and have accepted me into their family, but my family has no idea he exists. I don’t know how to bring up that he exists, or if I even should. My family has ex cops that always warned me about meeting strangers online along with everyone being quite paranoid. I am considering waiting until he moves, but I feel guilty about hiding him. What is your opinion?

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2 Answers

I think it would be best just to tell them. IF you know he's safe, you don't need to entirely tell them you met online. You've known each other for such a long time, you could always say you forget. I know I'm condoning lying, but I know it's kind of an awkward thing to explain.
One thing for sure is you already made a completely bad move in the hiding area. Sit down with your parents and talk about it tell them everything and don't be afraid hiding it from them any longer could just lead to more lies and make the matter even worse than it already is , second of all about the online safety thing. Have you ever watched trust? the movie you should if you haven;t then ask yourself how well do you really know him , how close are you just keep in mind people lie alll the time it's a natural thing how do you know he is not lying with you there is a huge risk in the situation but parents should always be notified if anything ever goes wrong. Tell him how you feel. Sorry for this being so long..i tried my best though