what can we talk about?


So I recently began online dating, I’ve met a girl I like and she seems to like me as well. We recently began texting each other and became facebook friends. The thing is when we are texting each other its always the same things, “how was your day?”"mine was good too.”"good night”"sleeep tight” ” sweet dreams” etc. I’m really not good with small talk and I tend to be introverted at times, I really like her but I’m struggling to figure out what I can talk to her about. Any suggestions?

asked October 17, 2014

4 Answers

Her life, experiences, hopes, dreams, behaviors, habits, desires, dislikes, life philosophy, her talents, her past, her wishes for the future, her thoughts on current events, her opinions...
Jonathan's list is a great way to get to know her. As you start to know what she's like, you'll feel more comfortable and you'll be able to find conversation easier. Good luck!
Can't really help in the way of what to ask her as asking questions and stuff is a more in the moment kind of thing. However, i can recommend that if you can find out what she's really passionate about (Music, Photography as an example) then quiz her about it, learn a bit of it yourself to show you're interested and hopefully the conversation can turn into something a bit more natural.Good Luck!
Make her laugh Say little sweet stuff and then ask her what she wants in life