What can I do??


So yesterday I found out I was pregnant. My first thought was to make an appointment with my doctor – I was petrified. My doctor had some concerns and sent me straight to A&E. There I was hooked up to a drip and had a load of tests and blood taken. I may be having an eptopic pregnancy. I’m absolutely petrified.

I think that’s scary enough, but my boyfriend of 15 months has decided to disown me and blames me for this. For the couple of weeks when I wondered if I was pregnant, he promised he wouldn’t leave me or get mad at me and would help me through it (we decided I wouldn’t keep it as we’re both so young). But now it’s happened….he’s literally ignoring me. He refused to come with me to the hospital which meant I had to go alone as no one else could come. He refuses to see me or speak to me now. He said it’s my own stupid fault for forgetting to take the pill. He also said his mother and father hate me for doing this to him.

Everyone is telling me to ditch him – but I feel like with everything else going on I just can’t face doing that right now. I love him and I’m scared. I feel like I can’t say this to him because he’ll take the mick or throw it back in my face. Whilst I’m in bed having pains because of the complications and crying my eyes out because I’m so scared, he’s out clubbing with his friends. I have never been so scared and alone in my entire life. I don’t know what to do. I’m just terrified. Any wise words or reassurance are much appreciated.

Thank you.

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It sounds like you are going through a very difficult situation that you need all the help and support you can get. It also sounds like you're not about to ditch him- he already left you. Not only that, but in such a rude and disgusting way, he should be ashamed, (as well as his parents! It takes two to have a child!). Please don't focus on him, because you deserve so much better.

No one should ever be at 'fault' for having a child!

Please, if you want someone to talk with, you can message me at any time. Don't stress about him and focus on yourself for your own health and the health of your little one. I believe in you!

I hope you feel stronger and that you don't blame yourself for anything. Remember there are people to listen if you ever need to talk! All the best.