What can I do to keep myself from self harm?


I’ve been clean for about 4months. But recently, its been getting really hard to ignore the urges. I really don’t know what to do anymore, considering all the things I usually do (that worked before), aren’t working anymore. What can I do…?

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3 Answers

I know i always try to find things to take my mind off of self harm when i get in the mood. You could go for a run, read a book, write about how you feel, talk to a friend, do homework, watch a movie, or draw pictures.. Try to not get involved with anything that might be triggering to you.... Or get online and vent to somebody be it here or tumblr there are thousands of people who are here for you and will listen to every word you have to say. This community is growing to help people through their lives and through all of their problems so whenever your feeling down even if it's your last resort you can talk to one of us. We're all your friends here and you should think of us as such. Self harm is never worth relapsing because once you do it you look back at how much time you were clean and feel even worse in the end. I hope this helped >.<
I had a friend with this issue, and what she did to help was rather than cutting herself, she would slash a mark with a marker. The movement of the action seemed to ease her out of doing it in a method that didn't hurt her. She would use different colors, and then later make a picture out of it. It was her was of turning something sad into something pretty or even silly.
know this feeling all too well, I've been clean for a while too and when something upsets me the urge is there to end the clean streak. It won't solve anything long term though, I'll admit the temporary release feels good to begin with but do you want the negatives that follow after it to linger around and make you feel worse? Keep yourself occupied and safe. Try to find good coping skills. Some that may work can be to listen or make music, write, write a story, write a poem, draw, make a comic, talk to someone, cook, bake, come up with a recipe for something really yummy or something really gross, work out, plan an imaginary vacation with sites like travelocity or kayak, make outfits on polyvore, watch a movie, watch a tv show, there are lots of options. read a book, rant about your feelings online, watch YouTube videos. I've found the elastic band method a great way to overcome urges, put a band on your wrist and pull it whenever you feel the urge to cut, it'll hurt but there'll be no scarring. Feel free to message me if you need anything :)