what can I do after I quit my job


Long Story. I had two jobs before. My first One was working in a thrift store, I was not satisfied with my job at all. Had to deal with rude coworkers. I have stayed there for 3 months. My second job was a restaurant. I was a hostess. However I was okay with this job though but the pay was low and they gave me 2 hours. I have just send them a message. I don’t care about giving them a two week notice.
I had to do what I had to do. I’m going to now live on my SSI.

Category: asked August 2, 2014

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I wish you posted before sending the message to your work as a hostess. What I've learned is that it's so hard to find any work, and it's definitely not easy when you have a job. Out of multiple jobs, I've only ever really enjoyed one, and even there, I was treated badly.
First Look for a new job. You obviously had two jobs because you needed the money. Second You need a plan. Do you go to school? If not, look into viable options so you aren't stuck in a waitressing job forever. This may be harsh, but it is true. Life isn't cushy, it's hard work. I really hope you can get another job sometime soon. Look into community employment options in your local library or community centre.All the best etc.
Your job will not care that you quit without two weeks of notice. You're replaceable. They can find someone else who can work for that wage for 2 hours a week.

If you want to get more hours with them - you need to show them that you're worth scheduling. Ask for extra shifts, more work, more responsibility. Talk about going in early and staying late. Someone who takes initiative is remembered WAY more than someone who just quits.

Obviously start looking for a new job before you quit. Find something to support yourself. Being at a job a long time is just as important as not having gaps in your resume.
Keep in mind new employers can ask you why your past work experiences were so short and it can affect their perception of your dedication as a worker. Ideally a right length for a work experience is considered to be a year. Same goes for not giving a notice, that workplace will not be usable as a reference now.
Its really tough to get a job and there are many deserving candidates ready to replace or take your place. Your company don't even bother about notice period until you and your work worth and beneficial for them. security guard jobs