what can I do?


What can I do? My girlfriend is (was) a really nice person but on our 2nd year of being together she started to abuse me…I never thought she was that strong :( First couple of times I thought it was a joke and I blocked the attack but things got worse she is fighting with me but I’m not fighting….I just can’t..she’s just too powerful I can’t even get up she just orders me to stay on the ground :/ I tried to tell my mom but my mom told me that she received death threats from her :/ and I don’t have a dad so who can defend me? I can’t even brake up with her :( help me! pls?

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Nobody deserves to be treated like that. Northern Giant is right, it is highly illegal what your girlfriend is doing. Do you have a video camera or phone you could use to record? Try catching her in the act and calling the police soon after. Even if you don't record it, you need to contact law enforcement the next time it happens. Your girlfriend sounds crazy, and if she fights the police she's guaranteed some jail time. You need to be brave and do it. Lock yourself in a room if you have to.
Listen very carefully. She is not your friend any more. She is a danger to you and your family and needs to be treated as such. I'm dead serious about this. With this in mind, record all abuse, and gather enough evidence to make a police complaint. Video, Audio, whatever you can get. And remember, this will not get better. Ever. She knows she can get away with this now, without consequence, and will continue to do so unless you do something. She is not your girlfriend any more. She is not your friend any more. And she never will be again.
You have to do whats best for you. What she is doing is not only wrong, it is illegal (especially giving death threats). If you can't see things getting better, then you should break up with her. If she refuses then you will have to seek legal action, talk to a police officer and ask them for help.
Ask her why, what is causing her pain. She is having some deep emotional pain that she for some reason express through hitting and treating other people.And if that doesn't work you should call the authorities