What Attracts White Men?


Here’s my situation. I’m a black girl who is open-minded and willing to date a man of any size, stature, or color. My “favorite” type of guy, however, is a white guy. I never get approached by any though. I’m really hoping to change this, and so I need advice. Please post any tips as to what these guys like most (physical, social, and intellectual preferences, etc.) so you can help me find mutual attractions.

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Things have changed a lot in recent years when it comes to interracial relationships, and I'm not convinced it's all good. I hope you don't have bad experiences with dating whomever you choose. That being said, I can't speak for all white men, but I have a lot of experience being white. To answer your question, I look for someone who shares common interests like music, comedy, movies and such. This next part might sound ugly, but I'm being honest. Whenever I date outside my race, I am more attracted to people who aren't so ethnically different as to be stereotypes. Let me give an example. I generally wear T-shirts and jeans. I keep it casual. I don't go out of my way to point out my whiteness. If I met you wearing an a-shirt, trucker hat, and had a can of chewing tobacco in my back pocket, or had a Confederate flag tattoo, that would be way over the top. I think people look for mates that are as similar to themselves as possible. Even if they are a different race. Finally, I look for someone who laughs easily, smiles often, takes care of their appearance to look their best (not hard-body models or anything, just clean and well groomed), and who is interested in me too.
Who went through and voted everyone down? These were acceptable answers to me. I was just looking to see what others thought. Thanks Everyone.
Well, I'm married now... but, in my twenties I met this beautiful girl and I never thought about dating a black girl. But she was something special. I think it was the fact that she smiled at me, and said hello and made me feel comfortable. Then the walls came down. Usually I feel like I can't approach people outside of my race. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but where I grew up, that's the way it was. She was different though... our paths crossed and she disappeared. But, I know I would've felt comfortable with her. So far, I've dated white, asian, hispanic and persian... all different, but all beautiful!

So, a smile, light conversation, bring the walls down... then its all the same. Every guy is different. Every guy likes different things. You just got to find the right one.

Good luck! I hope I made a little sense!
Slim body is enough, believe me.
Definitely a dating site, like e-harmony..etc, where you can be matched with whom you'd like to be with