What are some happy things to draw?


So I have run out of things to draw… And Im going through some rough times so I was wondering if anyone had some ideas for drawings that would make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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5 Answers

Some scenery or anything found at home like fruits or glass. Try doodling and mix it all together. It could be fun! or Try going out of your house and observe your surroundings. There are so much beauty around, you just have to learn to appreciate. like people doing kindness or simply, the little things that you rarely notice. You might get an inspiration from there and start your own masterpiece.

I, too, want to pursue art soon and i usually find my ideas outside but i'm struggling with my time.

Hope everything goes well with you and your drawings..
You could always go with the classic kitten snuggled up to a puppy.
Well, adorable animals is always a sure thing. Or maybe something that brings you fond memories, like something you did as a kid or something. Nature is always nice to look at as well, maybe a sunset over the sea or something like that.
Whenever I feel the need to draw something I just go for flowers of any kind. They are all so different from each other and nearly everywhere to find. Mostly colourful and always so alive, flowers are a great motive for good vibes. That's why I always keep some on my desk.
I go for parrots or flowers in pots. They are the ones I like