What am I supposed to do? My mum won’t take me seriously.


I have a ton of issues I need to work out that I know for an absolute fact I need therapy for, but I can’t afford it and my mum won’t take me seriously. The last time I talked to a counselor I almost got my siblings and I taken away from my parents! What do I do? I’m afraid I might kill!

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Use the resources that you do have. school counselor, find someone that will do a sliding scale therapy, just spend some time calling therapists and psychologists in your area and it will happen if its meant to! you'll need to just be honest to the people you talk to as hard as it is and let whatever happens happen. are your parents safe to be living with? why were you almost taken?
in the meantime you'll need to find your own ways of coping and grounding. listen to music that soothes you, go running, take a hike, go swimming, meditate, smoke some pot (if ya do that) write, read, volunteer places that help you feel who you really wanna be as a person, etc.
Hey, do you have a school counsellor or psychiatrist? Maybe you could go talk to them? But hey, this is what this website is for. Tell us your problems and we can try and help. It sounds serious so you are going to have to be brave. You can do this. Stay strong xoxo
My advice is this, considering that you cannot talk to your mother, you do need to talk to SOMEONE, so sit with someone, anyone you can that you trust. And explain tour fear of being taken away, and let them know that if anything like that comes up. You will stop talking. But first, I would try one of the hotlines for family crisis. They don't just handle that and could give you a lot more assistance anonymously that could never be traced back. You get help, and don't have to worry about getting taken away. Win-win.
You can PM me if you want. I am happy to listen and not judge you or your family. I know how you feel. I was in the same situation as a teen. I am an adult now with 3 kids of my own and can relate to a lot of the things people go threw. I feel for your situation. It can feel like your just screaming on the inside and no one can hear you. Good luck and don't be afraid to PM me.