Weight loss struggleeee


I’m 17, a girl. Just wondering if anyone out there has successfully lost weight by exercising or healthy eating, and how you guys did it. If you had trouble being consistent I’d love to know how you did keep motivated, and how you did it, because I’ve been trying to lose 15 pounds for like 3 years, but with school and family and everything, it gets hard to stay consistent and see significant results, especially 15 pounds. I’ll exercise every day for an hour and do cardio interval training and eat pretty healthy, but it gets so hard to be consistent, making sure I drink 4 bottles of water, eating every three hours, exercising every day for more than 3 weeks. And when something gets in the way of my routine, I have to start over, so I never see any results. Or if I do, something will get in the way (school) and then I have to start over :( Did any of you struggle with this? How long did it take to see significant results, and how’d you do it? :///

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I'm only 14 and I'm a guy, but I think joining cross country or a sport might help. You'll stay on a constant exercise routine and nothing like school can really interrupt it. I've been running for 4 years now and I used to be kind of chubby but now I'm thin. Although you'll stay skinny, a sport will probably prevent growing taller because your cells will be focused on repairing and building muscle, not growing. Hope that helps!
i spend less time on the computer and use my weekend to go out and jog. It is hard work but i'm motivated by my goal. It takes time to work out, you need to like slowly ease into running shape, spend like four hours a week jogging until you sweat, then do add half an hour next week, and raise your goal, but unless you are reluctant to do it then you will be less efficient. Remember, be very motivated, think more about losing weight and how else this helps you, listen to music while doing it. If life and family gets in the way, then its just inconvenience, you can move your date and do more later. Its really important to be motivated, like i was always so reluctant to run until i set a goal, then i swear i suddenly can endure so much more.