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I want to lose weight fast and healthy. What should I buy and where can I get a diet plan. Can someone give me one, or an example of one? Work out plan would help to.
Thank you!

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The words fast and healthy will never ever ever ever ever ever go consecutively in the same sentence when it comes to weight loss. The only way to a healthy and safe weight loss is adequate exercise and a healthy diet. That being said, you should start focusing more on your health, and less on the numbers you see on the scale. A good place to find a healthy and safe diet plan is at your doctor's office, you may even want to ask someone you know who is in the health and fitness industry. I hope that whatever you choose, you make a decision that doesn't jeopardize your health for the sake of your looks. Remember, healthy is beautiful.
Diet plans do not work, and they ruin your body and are very VERY unhealthy. Go to a doctor, the only 3 diets i will suggest are: the Dukan Diet, The HCG Diet, and the Blood Type Diet.
Fastest way: Do a cardio work out 45 mins- an hour and a half 6 days a week, do strength training 4 days a week. Cut out anything unnatural and unpure in your diet. Stop eating gluten, sugars, and dairy. Eat Lean proteins and non starchy vegetables.
In my opinion, the best plans are either, calorie counting (like weight watchers), or some version of high Protein-low carb diets. People also use things like intermittent fasting/eating once a day, calorie cycling, etc. in conjunction with some diets to get better results.

I'm not a fan of meat, and I've noticed its important to be persistent otherwise you will gain it back after you stop the diet... so my new favorite thing is the 7 day diet because I can do it over and over again without a hitch, it just works for me. I tweaked it by eating whatever I want on day 7 & eating the soup on Day 2. Here's a link if you want to see: www.pinterest.com/pin/509680882798683565
You just have to find what works for you and make it into a lifestyle.