We had sex on my period and on the pill, are we still at risk?


So, hi there again, me being freakishly sexually naive here again. I have an inquiry.

My boyfriend and I decided to have sex on the first day of my period, without a condom. He did cum in me, which he’s never done with anyone before.And after we finished, my period fully started. I’ve been on The Pill since the end of March. And I am pretty regular with taking my pills.

Neither him nor I believe we’re at a high risk for getting pregnant here, since its the first day of my period,and since I am on The Pill. But we’re curious

Are we at a high risk for getting pregnant?

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3 Answers

While getting pregnant on your period is very possible, it only happens when you're towards the end of your cycle since sperm can ride out the last few days of your cycle. But since you said it was your first day and that you were on the pill I'd say it's impossible. So it was actually a better choice for you to have sex towards the beginning of your cycle rather than the end. Everything's gonna be fine!
It's highly unlikely as the pill convinces your body that it's already pregnant. If you keep taking the pill everyday around the same time you should be fine. I recommend discussing it with your partner and taking mental precautions just in case though. Although the pill is highly effective it is not 100% fool-proof. Here's more info: http://goaskalice.columbia.edu/answered-questions/sex-during-period-pill-safe
I agree with Peanutter here. I seriously doubt you would get pregnant. Now you can't forget to take the pill, not even a single day, you have to take it everyday if you want to have unprotected sex.