Visiting my boyfriend and anxious about it?


My boyfriend and I live 200 miles apart, he’s in Northern England and I live in South Wales. He travelled last time to visit so I felt it’s fair if I go to him this time, I’ve never left Wales alone and I’ve only been on a train once on my own, I know I’m going to get anxious, how would you deal with it? I’m looking forward to seeing him and I don’t want my anxiety and worries to ruin it for us both.

Category: Tags: asked August 26, 2013

1 Answer

Maybe if you bring some things to distract you while you're on the train it could help? Maybe bring something to listen to music with, or a book or a notepad to draw on, something that interests you. Just keep in your mind how many people ride the trains every single day and are fine. Best of luck, I hope you and your boyfriend have a lovely time :) x